About Me

Hi! My name is Lawrence Okoth-Odida. I’m a software engineer by trade, but have been working with web technologies for nearly 2 decades.

You may also remember me as Angryboy or AB from the late 2000s/early 2010s from DBZ Vortex when it came to producing sprites/pixel art for the old game Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors (LSW).

I created this personal site because when I go out for walks, I often think about topics that can be discussed: I imagine delivering a podcast, or writing an article or presenting video on the subject, but then never follow through on them. So I thought, why not create a personal space on the internet to act as a more accountable form of rough paper? That way, if the ideas are good they don’t go to waste. If they’re crappy then, hey, there are worse things that can exist on the internet.

It also allows me to more permanently archive (and better catalogue) some of my older work, which I used to host on free websites (which have long been decommissioned).